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Aging. "It is All in your Mind!"

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

People are often told that aging is inevitable. That it is a natural declining process of the human body and an irreparable disruption of functions that results in exhaustion of energy resources. Ultimately the lack of resources forces the spirit's departure from the part of the physical world it occupied before.

New brain studies on the placebo, nocebo effect and medically related spontaneous remissions, shine on a bright possibility that humans have much more control on their bodies than what was previously thought.

The answer seems to be All in the Mind and specifically in the beliefs that drive the mind to act in this way.

But there is a catch! In a world where a great part of the collective consciousness holds a similar belief, consistent manifestation of that belief is expected and therefore it is realized. Others who observe the physical manifestation of that belief on the many who came before, are easily convinced by the visible proof. So, what can we do? How can we break apart from that belief and stop the aging process, even reverse it?

We can if we know how. And we do! These are just three of the ways:

- become the observer of our thoughts and find what beliefs we hold by reading or listening to our words.

- shift our focus of attention to something very pleasant and install a new empowering belief in that very moment and in that pleasant emotion.

- stop "feeding" the connection between the limiting belief and thoughts or images that relate to it.

When in a pleasant emotion I say to myself: "I always possess a youthful look and enjoy an abundance of energy. My skin reflects it, my face vibrates it and my movement allows 'a flow' as if I am dancing through life."

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