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I hear You, I see You, You are Strong, Honest and deeply Kind

Parenting is an opportunity for expansion and parenting children with 'behaviors' is to say the least -a challenging task.

But what if we took a moment to think about what causes the challenging behavior instead of attempting to eliminate it?

What if we looked at the behavior as a doorway, offering a solution right on the other side?

What if our children felt a need and that need had a voice, what is it really telling us?

What if in the heat of the moment we chose to speak to the need instead of the behavior of the child?

What if:

- To a child who yells and screams we calmly offer the words: "I hear you."

- To a child who shies away we say: "I see you."

- To a child who cries and weeps we say "You are so strong."

- To a child who lies and cheats we say, "You are an honest person."

- To a child who hits we offer the words "You are deeply kind."

Let's all offer to the children in our life through our words, the emotion they believe they don't have. Through our faith that they do.

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